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Who is Tom?

Back in late 2020 I went down the rabbit hole of watching YouTube videos of beekeeping. I get entranced with it and started doing research to get into beekeeping. In early 2021 I purchased a small portion of land and began my journey with 2 hives. A little over 2 years later and I currently have 8 hives. It's been an amazing journey this far.

I have worked as a Manufacturing Process Engineer for 25+ years.​

I am also a family man. I have 6 kids, 3 boys and 3 girls. Along with my beautiful wife, Chef Monica who is a Pastry Chef at Kindness Bakes. We stay pretty busy.

I also work and brew beer at BS Brewing

I am a member of the Texas Beekeepers Association and the Alamo Area Beekeepers Association. I've learned a lot from Mark and Thien Gretchen at the Beeswax Department and Charlie Bee. Its always great to have a network of beekeepers.

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